Sell your estate jewelry!

We, at The Jewel Buyers, would like to cordially introduce ourselves
and offer our signed jewelry purchasing services to ultimately help you sell your estate jewelry.


At The Jewel Buyers, we understand that you may need to dissolve certain assets for living will
distribution or other disbursement obligations.


We are also sympathetic to all client concerns,
especially in their time of duress and uncertainty.


The stress can also be financial. Cost of living, relocation, attorney retainer and fees to state just a few of the cost, add up quickly.
The Jewel Buyers prides itself on outstanding professionalism, customized service and a wide range of jewelry purchase types, including diamonds, gold, rare timepieces and other luxury items. We can help you sell your estate jewelry.


We retain top jewelry appraisers to make your client transactions
go smoothly and render the most value for them.


As an upscale collateral lender that purchases and makes confidential collateral loans on signed jewelry, diamonds, fine watches and gold, we can also give fast, short term loans with the most competitive interest rates.


Risk-Free Appraisal Offer