Frequently Asked Questions


1. What forms of payment do you offer?

We can pay in bank check, wire transfer or cash.



2. What is my Diamond worth?

We can appraise your Diamond and provide you with a cash offer.



3. How do you price my jewelry?

We take into account the demand & desirability of your jewelry. A few aspects which impact value are designer, maker, age, and quality. We do not purchase jewelry based on weight, but as independent pieces of jewelry.



4. What if I don’t like your offer on my fine jewelry or diamond?

If you don’t like our offer you can take your jewelry with you. There is no charge for the appraisal and you are under no obligation to us at all. The entire process is risk-free.



5. Does it matter if I have a certificate for my item?

Generally, any certificate by a major accredited lab will ad value to your piece. However, over the years, many diamonds and fine jewelry pieces haven’t been accredited.



6. Can I exchange my jewelry for cash?

Absolutely! We will evaluate your jewelry and give you the best price for your jewelry to give the most cash.



7. I have an appraisal on my piece. Will you just pay me the appraisal value?

We assess each item on an individual basis, considering its structure, design, condition and overall value. In some instances, we may offer you an amount similar to the pieces appraisal value; however, oftentimes appraisal values are inflated. An appraisal value is the retail amount you would have to pay to replace the piece; it takes into account the profit margin of both the manufacturer and the retailer. As such, appraisal values are often much higher than the pieces actual value.



8. How can I replace my gold for cash?

We can help you get cash for gold by allowing us to evaluate your pieces and give the best value.



9. Are you a pawn shop?

Yes, but we are not your ordinary pawn shop. We are an upscale pawn shop that primarily focuses on Jewelry.



10. How can I get short-term installment loans?

You may contact us for an appointment to come to our location or at the convenience of your home to go through the approval process. We offer short-term and long-term installments loans to cover your emergency spending needs. If you need extra cash between paychecks, lets u prevent you from late fees and costly charges.



11. Do you give loans for small business’s?

At The Jewel Buyers, we lend to small business’s when banks won’t. We are able to provide large- scale loans to invest in your business in exchange for jewelry.



12.I have bad credit, can I still qualify for a loan?

Yes we are able to give up to $1 million without credit check. We understand that even if you have the best credit, it is difficult to get a loan from a bank but we are here to help.



13. Am I obligated to sell my jewelry if I make an appointment?

Our clients are not obligated if an agreement is not reached and is of no cost to you. However if you agree to the offer, we will have funds readily available for a transaction.



14. Can we meet at my home or office instead of your location?

Yes, The Jewel Buyers seek to make you feel comfortable and make your transaction as convenient for you as possible.



Risk-Free Appraisal Offer