Sell my Designer Handbag

Sell my Designer Handbag

Get paid more for your designer handbag at The Jewels of Beverly Hills.  TJB is a Beverly Hills Handbag Buyer. Here at The Jewels of Beverly Hills we specialize in authentic Luxury Brands. Some of the luxury  brands that we buy & sell are, Hermes, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and  Chanel. Convert your used pre-owned luxury designer handbag into instant cash. We only buy & sell authentic designer handbags, in very good or like new condition. Sell my Designer Handbag.


The Jewels of Beverly Hills not only specializes in buying fine jewelry, designer jewelry, diamonds & luxury watches, but we also buy luxury designer handbags. As a leading buyer of second hand luxury goods we are able to offer a wide selection of handbags, specially the Hermes Birkin!!! Selling your designer handbag has never been so easy. We offer instant cash for  any luxury goods .

To get paid more for your designer handbag, call our office and one of our luxury consultants will appraise your handbag or any other luxury items.

Call The Jewels of Beverly hills and get a Free Appraisal. 888-713-1239


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