About Us

DiamondsThe Jewel Buyers is a trusted
merchant of diamonds and fine jewelry.
We’ve satisfied our clients with their
needs for over 18 years.


At TJB we guarantee rapid, reliable, and overall an outstanding jewelry service. With over 18 years of experience in appraisal and jewelry evaluation, we have no doubt that we’ll surpass any expectations and offer the best numbers around.

We can fulfill any range of jewelry needs. Either for personal or estate purposes, our GIA experts are here to deliver superb service. They offer elite caring support and maintain the highest level of ethical practice. You can feel confident that with The Jewel Buyers you’ll receive the highest valuation your jewelry deserves.



Our jewelry evaluations are immediate, accurate,
and give you a guaranteed higher payout than
any other jewelry buying services.



What makes The Jewel Buyers different from other common jewel purchasers, dealers, and pawnbrokers? We pride ourselves on outstanding professionalism, customized service, and years of experience with a wide range of jewels including diamonds, gold, and many other luxury items.

The Jewel Buyers appreciates your service and welcomes our clients to take part in our referral program. We offer cash commission to any of our clients who refer us to new clientele.


Risk-Free Appraisal Offer


Finally, we highly value our strong, lasting relationships and hope to further grow our existing family of clients. Bycontacting us today, you may choose to set up an appointment at our location or, if you preferred otherwise, at the convenience of your home. Allow us to help you sell your jewelry for the true value it deserves.